Welcome to Jyoti Refrigeration

Since 1984, we are in this field with vast experience, we are also manufacturing of industrial chilling plant, instant milk chiller, cold storage, and etc. We are joint in this field last 38 year, always our aim is to give our customers best quality machinery which gives best cooling quality of milk, with low cost per liter which is only possible in less cooling time by using our I.M.C. unit we are also manufacturing I.M.C. unit for small & medium & large dairy plant like 750 ltr/hr, 1,000 ltr/hr., 1,500 ltr/hr, 2,000 ltr /hr., 3,000 ltr/hr and 5,000 ltr/hr. We are get a good customer satisfaction, it details are include in our customer list.

Our technician have a big experience in dairy field, from last 20 year we are joint with milk producer's union with full of contact and communication & milk union cooling center details in our customer list.

Sortha Dairy have our 6 plant working with full of satisfaction & Maahi Milk producer company limited have our 9 plant working with full of satisfaction and lowest of maintenance this union are approved that I.M.C. is better than B.M.C. so Sortha Dairy has applied in government that the quality approval of our I.M.C. plant so that they have easily to expand his future project and they are also applied for using I.M.C. instead of B.M.C. both of union are get a good milk quality

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